The United Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cleveland is a result of the merger between two churches:  Cleveland Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church (established June 10, 1951) and Cleveland Latvian Evangelical Lutheran “Peace” Church (established September 9, 1951).

The merger occurred March 31, 1963 and later that year the congregation purchased the church from the Swedenborgians. The church hall was built in 1971 and has since become “home” for most Cleveland area Latvian organizations.

The Church building that we call home was built in 1906.

In 1848, members of the First Jerusalem Church of Rockport, as Lakewood was then known, held their first service on the site where the present Church stands. The service was held in a small frame structure.  By the turn of the century, this building became too small to serve the overflow of worshipers and was moved to the rear of the lot to function as a parish house. In 1906 the new Church of the Redeemer was built in its place.

In October of 1963, The United Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cleveland purchased the Church of the Redeemer for $75,000.  The artisans of the Latvian community remodeled the interior and exterior of the church. The chancel was rebuilt, incorporating traditional Latvian symbols. A balcony was added and a Schlicker pipe organ was installed. At the time of the purchase, the church no longer had a steeple. Only the four-pointed tower remained.

To make way for the growing needs of the congregation, the old parish hall needed to be demolished. In 1972 the fellowship hall and education wing were built. In 1995, the church tower was reconstructed.

Pastors who have served the congregation are: Jānis Kugrēns, Ivars Gaide, Laimdots Grendze, Didzis Stilve and presently serving is Sarma Eglīte.

Worship is usually conducted in Latvian, with occasionally scheduled English services.